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   My husband and I always knew before we got married that we wanted to have a very special and unique ceremony. We wanted the ceremony to be the focal point of the wedding, rather than the reception. This right of passage was extremely important to us. We wanted to strongly convey our love and commitment towards one another in front of family and friends by having a customized ceremony.
To this day I can't imagine my wedding without Regina! Regina is a magical woman whom emanates loves wherever she goes. Here peaceful reminders before the ceremony helped me remain calm in a time of nervousness. Her kind words, sentiments and rituals during the ceremony still bring a tear to my eye. All of our guests raved about the ceremony and how amazing it was. Our married friends said how much they wish they had know Regina for their ceremony. Our single friends all asked for Regina's number in anticipation of their big day! Our family wanted the entire ceremony on paper to re-read year after year, because it was so unique and meaningful. Many of our guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to! We laughed and we cried, but most of all we truly felt the wonderment of love and commitment, thanks to Regina!

Christina and Matt 

   Regina was the officiant at our wedding in 2006. We feel so blessed that she was there by our side during the most momentous and meaningful day of our relationship. Regina not only served to guide the ceremony, but helped us create it. Our vows, in particular, were very important to us and she worked with us hand-in-hand to create promises that resonated with us as a couple and embodied our wishes for our life together. The wedding had an overwhelming tone of grace, elation, community and ritual. All in part due to Regina’s generosity of spirit, groundedness and incredible spirituality. We will always feel a warm sense of gratitude toward Regina when thinking about our day.

Stacey and Jonathan

   Regina was a wonderful presence at our wedding! From the first time we got together, I was really impressed with how much time she spent getting to know Michelle and I. She had great questions for us, and wonderful suggestions for things to include in the ceremony, including some ways to honor our parents that hadn't occurred to us. We were (mostly) relaxed and had fun during the ceremony, and got a lot of compliments from the guests on the simple and heartfelt nature of the whole thing! Thanks, Regina!

Gina and Michelle


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