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Regina Marian - Lightdancer Ceremonies   I’ve been an ordained nondenominational minister since 1999, and I truly enjoy bringing a personal touch to one of the most important days of a couple’s life when performing their ceremony. I believe that my foundational background as a nurse then counselor has enhanced my ability to connect with people heart to heart, which my couples tell me they really appreciate. I think being a woman helps, too. No offense to the capable male officiants out there, but the little touches make a difference.

Here are my

She’ll have a tissue handy when a few tears flow.

If dry mouth arises, she’ll hand you water.

A woman officiant will notice - and straighten - a crooked tie or blowing veil. (Those show up on photos.)

She’s aware if you get wobbly and will offer a supporting hand.

Her whispering words of encouragement calm any nervousness.

If you ask, she can give you advice on colors, flowers, etc.

She actually likes getting to know you.

She’s an expert at listening.

She smells good.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Regina Marian, RN, MA


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